ft. a bit of your editor's personality, a deep dive on chips, writing from DRF members, and a special request for our readers!

February 2023

ft. recognition for our DRF founders and partners, news around AI hype, and lots of internships & jobs

September 2022

We're keeping it short this week β€” one final reminder that Investment Partner applications for all schools outside of SF & West Coast region are due…
A special edition of The Syllabus: Applications for investment partners are now open β€” apps are reviewed on a rolling basis until deadline, so apply…

August 2022

ft. thoughtful essays and profiles, important news on the VC industry, immersive podcast episodes, and exciting job and internship opportunities!

July 2022

ft. a DRF-backed company opening its NYC store, exciting community news, and the podcast eps we can't get enough of

May 2022

Job openings from Lightspeed, Notion, Snackpass, Uniswap, Greycroft, and more. Plus, final call for Ph.D. summer diversity apps due May 23!
It's almost the summer! Sort of. In this week's newsletter, read about how to land your first internship in tech, tips for pitching to investors, and…

April 2022

Summer diversity track episodes out on our podcast "Office Hours" πŸ“£
Summer diversity apps are open + a lot of Elon Musk news.
🚨 + short musings in a short newsletter
+ Alumni Isabelle and Karthik reflect on the DRF family (tissues needed)