💥 DRF is back with jobs, and Ariana Grande takes over Fortnite 💥

Plus a sneak peek of investment partner applications opening in a week!

💼 Applications for DRF team open Sept. 8 

Hey DRF friends and family! We’re opening up applications for investment partners and a head of engineering on Sept. 8, which is fast approaching. Stay tuned as we drop the application on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram😎

If you know of awesome student movers and shakers who are plugged into the venture ecosystem and are fascinated by emerging companies, let them know to keep an eye out for Sept. 8! You can also send any recruiting questions (and shoutouts for prospective investment partners) to info@dormroomfund.com.

📎 your latest tech news

📰 Allbirds, known for wool sneakers, to sell tree-based workout clothes

The New Zealand company, known for its eco-friendly sneakers, plans to launch a new line of workout clothing made from wool and the pulp of eucalyptus trees, The Wall Street Journal reported. Fun fact: “Allbirds” refers to the idea that New Zealand has nearly no native land mammals and is the “land of all birds.”

📚Ariana Grande takes over Fortnite

In Epic’s latest major in-game live event, millions of people watched Ariana Grande perform in colorful and smooth visuals. Ariana Grande’s concert followed Travis Scott’s performance, which topped 12.3 million live viewers.

📖 what we’re reading in our dorm

😎 Not PG-13: OnlyFans, a social media platform popular for porn, said it will ban porn to comply with banks that didn’t want to support them. But sex workers said, “Hold up, not cool!” and many people got angry. OnlyFans then said nvm, citing “assurances” from bank partners.

👓 Warby Parker, best known for fashionable glasses, filed to go public with a direct listing instead of a traditional IPO process. They took their shares straight to the stock market, which means they shell out less $$ to investment banks.

😇 Headspace, the popular meditation app, and Ginger, which provides coaching and therapy for mental health, are merging to form Headspace Health.

🏫 Airbnb announces plans to house 20,000 Afghan refugees globally.

📱 Millions of T-Mobile customer data leaked in a “sophisticated” cyberattack.

💡 community company jobs

From our community companies shaking things up 🚀

recs from the drf family

P.S. We’re always on the lookout to supercharge our fast-growing community companies. If you know of a company building for startups and empowering businesses, let us know! Email melissa@dormroomfund.com with recs.

👀 my path to DRF … an ongoing series📍

talking to cool DRF folks 📣

Meet cool people through our summer team, Female Investor Track, Female Founder Track, PRISM, Blueprint, and Ph.D. Founder Track.

  • how a Ph.D. student thinks about artificial intelligence and VC

  • how a student finance startup created a team and interviewed users

  • Amelia De Paola: Reflections from Female Investor Track

  • how these sisters conducted interviews and tested pricing for South Asian athleisure

  • how Lauren Gilbert values operator experience in venture capital

  • advice from three investment partners on applying to Dorm Room Fund

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