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💼 PSST! East Coast investment partners app due 9/29, West Coast on 10/1

hey procrastinators: you didn’t blow it…

Just for you, we’ve extended the DRF Investment Partner application deadline to this Wednesday 9/29 for East Coast and Midwest schools; (West Coast— don’t f@#$ it up— your deadline stays at 10/1). Not sure which region to apply to? Check our website for hot tips and FAQs, or drop us a line via recruiting@dormroomfund.com.

Alums and DRF friends: know any superstars who’d be a great addition to our family? Hit us up! Send them our way via recruiting@dormroomfund.com. We trust your taste.

By the way, we’re back with 3 more AMAs with trailblazing (!!) alums in VC, to round out a huge month. See below for your invite and mark it in your cal. 😎

Finally, if you’re a founder building something cool, Dorm Room Fund would love to hear about it and learn how we can support you. Apply for funding via this form and our investment team will be in touch!

☄️ AMA with a16z’s Alex Immerman + 2048vc’s Zann Ali

Tuesday Sept. 28, 7:30-8:30 p.m. ET — register here

Join us with Alex Immerman, Partner at a16z and former Chief of Staff to the CFO of Facebook & CEO of Gainsight, and Zann Ali, Principal at 2048 Ventures and Founding team at Fidelity Health. In addition to being two of the most fun humans we know, Alex and Zann will be sharing their journeys from DRF Boston to VC, frameworks around career growth, and reflections on their roles.

☄️ AMA with Mario Ruiz, FinTech

Tuesday Sept. 28, 8-9 p.m. ET — register here

Mario isn’t just a wicked fintech investor — he’s a founding GP at a new fund! Join us for an AMA with Mario Ruiz, an early-stage fintech and commerce investor at Infinity Ventures. Learn about what it’s like to start a fund, hear the scoop on investing at PayPal Ventures and Dorm Room Fund, and marvel at his secret growth equity skills honed at Napier Park Global Capital.

📎 your latest tech news

  • #trending Twitter to pay $809.5M on allegations that the company misled investors about user engagement in 2015

  • long employee shenanigans: Facebook’s CTO of 13 years to step down

  • YouTube on flights, maybe? TechCrunch reports that YouTube is testing features to download videos ahhhh!

🚀 community founders on fiiiireeee

  • FiscalNote acquires Forge.AI company (TIM YOU’RE CRUSHING ITTTT)

  • DRF community company Sequin raised $5.7M! (Vrinda is our founder crush)

  • Tiffany Leong, a participant of 2021 Female Founder Track, has launched her company. Bo-yi is making East Asian superfoods accessible to everyone, first with a delicious and healthy beverage line featuring Jujube and Hawthorn. Their beverages are made with whole organic and premium-grade herbs and use natural ingredients. (NOM. Sign us up.)

💡 jobs + opps in the DRF family:

📖 cool reads about our DRF community

  • Richard Clay: From a Historically Black College & University (HBCU) to DRF (Richard, your photoshoot was epic)

😂 meme 😂

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