Applications open today!

Plus How to Break into VC AMA this Friday + Our best tips and tricks

💼 investment. partner. apps. open. TODAY!

No— it’s not our favorite day of the year or anything…

BUT GUESS WHAT?! Applications to join our team as investment partners open today on our website!! Here’s your chance to take home a piece of the AggroCr…ahem.. the ✨DRF magic✨ as a member of the iTeam family. East Coast applications close on Sept 24, while the West Coast has until Oct 1.

Shoot us a note via if you have any questions, or if you want to give a superstar in your network a shoutout (i.e. refer those talented humans).

💥 how to break into VC AMA - with DRF alums!

5-5:45 p.m. E.T. Friday Sept. 10

Featuring Chauncey Kerr Hamilton (former COO at DRF and Partner at XYZ Ventures) and Bruno B. Ferrari Faviero (DRF and MIT alum, 3x founder, angel investor, and General Partner at Alloy Fund). We’ll chat about their paths into VC and raising a fund, career learnings, and time at DRF. All welcome - register at Looking forward to seeing you this Friday!

📎 your latest tech news

  • RIP to LinkedIn stories. Turns out people wanted lasting stories that tell stories in a more professional way, said Liz Li, LinkedIn’s senior director of product.

  • YC had its demo day 1 and day 2

  • Crunchbase runs you through the companies that have gone public this year

📖 tips and tricks to our investment partner app

Ready to drink some tea? We’re spilling some. If you want to apply to our DRF team, we recommend that you …

Be yourself. Tell us about your story and what makes you, you! We’d love to understand your interests, your experiences - good and bad - and what brought you to where you are now! Help us understand how DRF fits into your picture and why we’re the right next step for you. We’re not only looking for teammates, but also life-long friends (ask any DRFer— one of the best parts of this whole experience is really our culture).

Show your interest in startups and venture capital. We don’t expect you to be a Forbes 30 Under 30— yet. But we DO want to hear why you’re the best representative for your campus and that you’re plugged in to your university’s startup ecosystem. We also love deep thinkers who are endlessly fascinated by new inventions and problem-solving - you’ve got a topic (or many!) that you can’t stop talking about.

We love hot takes, but we adore deep thought. You can throw us all the opinions you want – blockchain is hot, X startup is cool, Y startup made a mistake. But we’d love to hear about the framework behind how you think about the problem. How did you know that blockchain is hot? Or that X startup is cool? How did you come up with your final decision? As DRF Godfather Josh Kopelman says, we know even the best investors get it wrong, a lot. So we want to see why you have a discerning eye to spot the unexpected – and how you think to make that discernment.

💥 #regionalrepresent - upcoming meet the I-teams!

Join I-team partners from each of our regions to hear about their experiences and key learnings with Dorm Room Fund, as well as top application tips. Come prepared with questions - our partners can’t wait to meet you! Our first Meet the I-teams are:

NORTHEAST — Sunday Sep 12, 8-8:45pm ET

Come along if your school is in: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, Connecticut. Register here.

SOUTHEAST — Tuesday Sep 14, 8-8:45pm ET

Come along if your school is in: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, North & South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas, Delaware. Register here.

💡 jobs referred by our DRF family

  • JLL Spark, investment management that specializes in real estate, is hiring associate + senior associates (Los Angeles, San Francisco)

  • NextEquity Partners, which makes mid-stage growth investments, is hiring a full-time principal with four to nine years experience. To apply, email with resume + LinkedIn (Bay Area, California).

  • Join talent pool list of Countdown Capital, early-stage deep tech VC firm

  • Equal Ventures is looking for MBA research interns (Remote)

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By the DRF team

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