DRF Apps Last Call + Hayley Barna AMA

Partner apps (NY, BOS, PHL) due this Friday. Plus other exciting events in the works!

💼 east coast application deadline!

Counting down the days to join Dorm Room Fund! We can’t tell you how STOKED we are to read your apps and meet the future members of the DRF family. Last reminder that applications for our New York, Boston and Philadelphia regional investment teams are due this Friday 9/24 at 11:59pm ET; Midwest folks, you have until 9/29, and SF region until 10/1. Be sure to check our website for regional events - join us for our NY-Midwest Investment Team AMA and SF AMA this Thursday 9/23.

☄️ AMA with Hayley Barna: Building Birchbox + VC Investing

We’re so excited to announce an AMA this Friday 9/24, 3-3:45pm ET, with Hayley Barna - founder & co-CEO of Birchbox and Partner at First Round Capital! Join us as we chat about Hayley’s journey of launching and scaling subscription box giant Birchbox globally, her work now as a leading investor, and her deep experience in evaluating consumer businesses. Please register here.

📎 your latest tech news

  • Uh oh, Facebook is back on the news, this time for drug cartels and human traffickers.

  • Dun dun dunnnn... Intuit is buying out email marketing platform Mailchimp for $12B but employees are angry that founders are gobbling up $$.

  • Google + Apple removed a voting app that supports opposition leader Aleksei Navalny in Russia.

  • When you’re two years old, you sing and cry and throw tantrums. Not in VC. After two years of launching, Inspired Capital closed a $281M round.

  • Beep beep boop. Discord worth $15B after new $500M funding.

  • When you’re up at 3 a.m. trying to drop boxes for a recruitment poster, Canva saves lives. The Australian company raised $200M, valued at $40B – sheesh!

💡 jobs + opps referred by our DRF family

  • Floodgate’s Reactor program will invest $50K each into 10 student founder teams. Over 8 months, you learn how to iterate to achieve product-market fit - and you get Ann Miura-Ko as your mentor! Apps due Oct 1. Shoutout to our friend and alum Shawn Xu for the opportunity - email with Reactor questions at shawn@floodgate.com.

  • Applied Intuition: founding member of corp dev team

  • Sagespot: head of growth, data scientist, and full-stack SWE. Descriptions here.

  • Spellbound: product design + engineering

  • Unshackled Ventures: analyst

📖 cool reads about our DRF community

  • Investment partner Alexa Spagnola recommends applicants show us their network: what untapped corner of the universe do you know?

  • Investment partner Shreyas Parab is the proof of what we always say: some of our favorite partners applied twice. Read his story about how he got rejected from DRF but tried again.

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