Netflix > toilet paper

Plus a remote program for female founders, DRF startups fighting COVID-19, and more!

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What student founders should know

Netflix > toilet paper - According to Netflix, you’ll use your last role of hoarded TP long before episodes of your favorite streaming shows run out. Read more here.

Epic Games getting an epic raise? - Fortnite and Houseparty parent company Epic Games is in talks to raise between $500 and $1 billion, proving that tons of people bored in the house (in the house bored) really can pay. Read more here.

Spot-ifying your new pod - Just in time to keep you entertained through your grueling living room floor workout Spotify is launching 17 curated podcast playlists featuring true-crime, science, food, and more. Read more here.

NEW - Calling all female founders! 

Are you a female or non-binary undergrad or graduate student interested in building game-changing products? You’ve come to the right place!  

DRF is proud to launch the third cohort of our Female Founder Track program starting fully-remote this summer! You’ll learn about scaling MVPs, fundraising, go-to-market strategy, and hiring from some of the most successful founders, investors, and operators in the biz. Best of all, you’ll get one-on-one coaching from mentors and build a peer group of other women with the drive and hustle to take their startup from side project to full-time gig!

Want to learn more? Check out Female Founder Track here and apply by Friday, May 8th at 11:59 PM PST. 

Community companies we’re celebrating

  • RotoMaire, a company whose data enrichment and engagement platform helps retailers drive unforgettable customer experiences is hosting a must-see webinar for the startup community - No Bull**** COVID Facts for Business Operators on Friday 4/24 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. Join RotoMaire CEO and DRF community founder Jehan Luth, Dorm Room Fund Managing Partner Justine Humenansky, and Dr. David Eisenberg for facts you can use to help your business navigate the COVID-19 crisis. 

  • Topicals, a company setting out to reinvent the way we think about skincare and body image was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Essence, and PopSugar

  • Biobot Analytics a company whose commercial wastewater and sewage analytics platforms allow government entities to map population health, including the spread of COVID-19, raised $6.7 million in seed funding from The Engine, Y Combinator, AmFam Institute Impact Fund and DCVC. 

  • Acciyo officially launched in the Google Chrome store to empower readers to better understand the news they read in a world of 24/7 publishing. Check out their plugin to catch up on any story, any time. 

  • Sleek is partnering with local grocery stores to provide a live display of lines, crowds, and wait times, helping stores and customers maintain social distancing and stay safe. 

From the podcast studio

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From the blog

Ahead of the Delivery Curve: Why We Funded Mlkmn - We’re excited to announce our investment in Mlkmn, founded by DRF Partner Alex Torrey! Like a modern “milkman.” Mlkmn is a platform to refill the everyday essentials you use in your apartment (yes even TP….) without the cost, inconvenience, and waste of traditional shopping or shipping. Read more here.

Dorm Room Fund Partners with Drift to Keep Student Startups Connected with Customers -DRF announced a brand new partnership with Drift this week to bring the world’s first conversational sales and marketing platform (and a whole lot more) directly to our community companies. Read more here.

[UPDATED] DRF Resource Guide: Running a Startup in Uncertain Times - We’ve been continuing to work to provide founders with resources to help them navigate an uncertain economy. So, we’ve updated our list of resources from top VCs/operators that have built and run startups during periods of economic uncertainty. Read more here.

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Additional reading and resources

💪The Ultimate COVID Job Resource Stack - This MASSIVE Google Sheet contains links to hundreds of job/internship boards, remote positions, talent/layoff lists, and more. Check it out.

For Student Entrepreneurs, Coronavirus is a Double-edged Sword - More time might be helpful, but how are student founders handling being far away from resources, support, and co-founders? Read more here.

Seven Lessons Learned While Transitioning into Entrepreneurship in the Middle of the COVID-19 Crisis - Being an early-stage founder in the COVID-era means often having your personal house in order first. Read more here.

MBAs Fight COVID-19 -Want to apply business school skills to the COVID-19 crisis? This platform matches current MBAs with COVID-fighting projects and organizations. Sign up here.

Working from Home? 7 Tried and True Strategies for Staying Productive - Calling in from your couch doesn’t have to mean taking a productivity hit. Read more here.

Ever wanted to draw on Zoom? Well, now you can. Check out Presentify here.

Job opportunities from the DRF community

WellNested - First Engineering Hire (Boston)

Showcase Insights - Lead React Native Engineer (NYC)

Seafair - Head of Growth & Operations (NYC) 

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