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Meet our new partners, the Dorm Room Fund Holiday Gift Guide, Hellosaurus, & more

Meet Dorm Room Fund’s New Investment and HQ Partners

🚀 We are thrilled to welcome the Fall 2020 class of investment partners and Dorm Room Fund’s new heads of engineering. With a record number of applications this year (1100+!), candidates faced stiff competition.

This was doubly true as we expanded our geographic footprint beyond the cities we have historically operated from to improve Dorm Room Fund’s reach and network throughout the United States. We have always sought out the best student founders across the country, and having partners at more schools means increasing our presence and availability to more founders.

Thinking of starting a startup at your school? Slide into our new partners’ DMs for advice, resources, and tips on applying to DRF…

Community Updates

🦖 Dorm Room Fund alumnus James Ruben’s co Hellosaurus just announced a $3.5M seed round 💰, led by General Catalyst, along with the launch of their iOS beta app!

Hellosaurus is an interactive platform developing interactive content for kids. They’re already working with top children’s content creators and will be redefining screentime education and entertainment to be more immersive and engaging for years to come!

🚚 DRF community co Onfleet announced a $14 million Series A raise led by Kennet Partners. Onfleet raised this round to grow their team and expand their last mile logistics platform to meet the changing needs of retailers and delivery businesses around the world. Read more here.

⏳ DRF alum Riley Soward launched Hourglass, a new productivity tool. We’re hoping Hourglass Fit, the fitness nudge, helps us beat the Quarantine 15.

Dorm Room Fund Holiday Gift Guide

🎁 Last but not least, DRF has a holiday gift guide! (And you thought we were all work, work, work).

Check out these incredible companies working at the intersections of sustainability, consumer products, and innovation. From buttery soft robes we may or may not wear on Zoom, to sustainable bras and dance sneakers, we have you covered on holiday-ing from home!

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