TikTokers and K-Pop stans take on Trump

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Keeping up: Here’s what’s on our radar

👯‍♂️ Did TikTokers sink Trump’s rally? - Teens say they reserved hundreds of thousands of tickets as a prank, which caused the low turnout. Read more here.

🎬 Black creators filed a lawsuit against YouTube - They’re accusing them of “overt, intentional, and systematic racial discrimination.” Read more here.

🎮 Facebook Gaming just got cooler - Microsoft is killing off its gaming service, Mixer, next month, and in a surprising turn of events, is pushing users and partnerships to Facebook Gaming. Read more here.

✈️ Silicon Valley’s unhappy with new US visa policy - Among others, high-skilled tech workers won’t be issued new US work visas through the end of 2020. Read more here.

🎉 From the DRF Community

  • We’re celebrating our investment in Proper Good, a company taking on the billion dollar packaged soup industry with their unique packaging and high-quality ingredients. Read the full article here.

  • Clew just launched on Product Hunt! The team built a universal search bar that lets you search across your cloud apps from your desktop. Give it a try here.

  • New York-based emergency response company, RapidSOS, raised $21 million in funding. Transformation Capital led the round and was joined by investors including C5 Capital and Laerdal Million Lives Fund. Read the full article here.

  • Sequin, a portfolio company designing a credit card for the modern woman, is conducting a survey about women’s credit needs. Click here to share your experience.

Student Resource Guide: Uncovering Venture Capital

We’ve all felt incredibly lost at some point while trying to navigate the venture capital space as students. With limited work experience, many of us have struggled with how to best be a supportive resource for students in our community.

So, we’ve outlined some of our favorite resources that have helped us stay on top of market knowledge, develop an investment thesis, work with founders better, maximize the value of networks, understand follow-on funding dynamics and establish a virtual presence.

Read the full article

Additional reading and resources

  • NFX’s VC and founder COVID-19 survey showed that about 74% of people plan to be completely, or mostly remote after shelter-in-place is lifted. Read more here.

  • We’ve been stuck at home for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. This handy guide helps both employees and managers make WFH smoother. Read more here.

  • The latest in social media vs. Trump’s posts - Twitter clapped back on another tweet: This time with a warning label for “abusive behavior.” Read more here.

Job opportunities from the DRF network

We certainly couldn’t think of better places to work. But we suppose we *might* be a little biased…

👩‍💻 Sym is hiring a Full Stack Engineer and a Backend Engineer.

👔 AlleyCorp is hiring an Incubation and Investor Analyst or Associate.

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